Very few uninsured enrolled for 2014

As of February 7, 2014, only 10% of uninsured consumers age 18 – 64 said they have selected health insurance coverage for 2014. With only seven weeks until the end of open enrollment under ObamaCare for 2014, it appears that a small proportion of uninsured will have coverage this year. Only 37% have visited a state or Federal marketplace and only 53% of those who have not yet visited the insurance marketplace expect to do so before March 31st.

Most group and direct pay consumers have renewed for 2014

In contrast, 82% of consumers with employer group coverage have selected coverage for 2014 and 76% of those with a direct pay plan have enrolled in coverage for the rest of 2014. Overall, 63% of all consumers surveyed have coverage for the remainder of 2014.

Age is not as critical a factor as income

Older consumers (45 – 64) are only slightly more likely to have selected coverage than 31 – 44 year olds or 18 – 30 year olds, however, college graduates are much more likely to have selected coverage compared to those with a High School education or less.

Engaged consumers made their choice

Engaged consumers are much more likely to have already selected coverage. Almost 80% of Engaged consumers have selected coverage compared to 45% of the Disengaged.

Percentage of consumers who selected coverage for 2014

Percentage of consumer groups who selected coverage for 2014

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