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Relationship between Mean Score and Top Box, Top 2 Box, and Top 3 Box

When exploring data using multivariate analysis, we typically treat ratings as interval scales.  And by that I mean that a rating of a “5” equals a value of 5, a rating of a “4” equals a value of 4, etc. … Continue reading

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Weak linkage (at best) between satisfaction and health status

Last week, Kaiser Health News linked to two articles regarding a University of California, Davis study that indicates patient satisfaction and health status are not correlated (see for more details).  In fact, the study suggests that patient satisfaction and health … Continue reading

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Consumers uncertain of their own engagement level

In addition to calculating the DSS Health Care Engagement Index (HCEI), in Q4 2011, we asked consumers to self-report their level of engagement in health care.  They have some sense of whether they are engaged or not engaged, but uncertainty … Continue reading

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