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Using Qualitative (Focus Group) Research to Provide Clear Direction for Improving the Patient/Physician Experience

In previous blogs we have commented on our statistical approaches to using the structured data from different CAHPS┬« surveys to give clear guidance to physicians for improving the experience and satisfaction of their patients. Normally, we provide importance/performance matrices which … Continue reading

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Risk-based segmentation

With increased governmental regulations and skyrocketing medical costs due to aging populations and greater disease burdens, it is time to consider risk-based stratification or segmentation to better understand your plan members, patients or employees. What is risk-based segmentation? In the … Continue reading

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World population growth over time

Depending upon whose estimates you believe, Monday may or may not have marked the birth of the 7 billionth human living on earth. The US Census Bureau estimates that the 7 billionth resident of earth will not be born until … Continue reading

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