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World population growth over time

Depending upon whose estimates you believe, Monday may or may not have marked the birth of the 7 billionth human living on earth. The US Census Bureau estimates that the 7 billionth resident of earth will not be born until … Continue reading

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Statistical Significance in Perspective

We have a lot of discussions with clients about statistical significance. Some clients want to place too much importance on statistical significance, others too little. The basic motivation behind statistical testing is our desire to make statistical inferences about differences … Continue reading

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Clinician and Groups CAHPS® Statistical Analysis of the Key Drivers of Satisfaction with the Patient Experience: More Exploratory Analysis

Clinician and Group CAHPS® Survey In our previous posting, we discussed some background on the CAHPS® Clinician and Group Survey (CG CAHPS and identified the survey items where we found the largest differences between the physicians rated highest and lowest … Continue reading

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