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Older is “better” with many Home Health Agencies

Background Data published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides information on 12,261 home health agencies.  Types of services offered by each agency along with certification date is included for all agencies.  The 7,828 agencies (64% of … Continue reading

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DSS Clients Show Big Improvements in Key HH-CAHPS® Measures

We now have three years of data collected for our hundreds of clients and we have compared the results in the aggregate. A number of patterns emerge: Two of the overall measures improved significantly from 2010 to 2012: Overall satisfaction, … Continue reading

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You can lead a horse to water… or, managers still have to manage

Background Improving the customer experience for patients and health plan members, at the highest level, is based on a simple process.  Measure the right things, evaluate, take action, re-measure, evaluate, take action and so on.  We know the right things … Continue reading

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Home Health CAHPS® Items Showing the Largest Differences for Highest and Lowest Rated Home Health Agencies (HHA): Exploratory Analysis

Importance of HH CAHPS® Survey Results This is the first of several blogs we will be producing regarding our ongoing analysis of HH-CAHPS® data.  The CMS Home Health Compare website is up today and HH-CAHPS® results will be available starting … Continue reading

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